Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Speech for the Ages

At last I'm at peace with the outcome of the Democratic Party's nominating process. At some point the Obama pollsters must have made the determination (and this may have been true all along) that Hillary on the ticket would cost more than it would be worth in terms of the loss of potential "swing" voters. I cannot believe Barak Obama made this decision on any basis other than the effect it will have on the outcome of the election and the future of our country. Nor will I ever believe he made the decision on the basis that he is not "strong" enough to be president with Hillary Clinton as his VP.

It's possible this speech tonight and the others Hillary (and Bill) will deliver in the weeks to come may garner more votes for Obama than Hillary's place on the ticket would have. We all know how many women there are out there who have used her forgiveness of her husband's infidelities to rationalize their hatred of Hillary's feminism and success in a man's world. These are the women who call her a b**** and say all their friends are men (because women are petty, as I've heard them say.) Then there are the male mysoginists who may stay home or out in the duck blinds who might otherwise have been motivated to go to the polls to vote against an Obama / Clinton ticket.

When it comes to enacting the Democratic Party platform Barak will need the strong leadership of Senator Hillary Clinton. I'm not in favor of Hillary accepting a position in an Obama administration or doing anything more than remaining in the Senate and taking Harry Reid's place. When we have a woman Speaker of the House and woman Majority Leader of the Senate history will have been made nearly to the extent it would have been with our first woman president. And I believe we will have a woman president in 2016, and her name will be Chelsea Clinton.


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