Saturday, April 09, 2005

More about my birthday

The date April 4th has had a somber significance for me since the day in 1968 when one of the regular "lounge loungers" at Cambridge House Apts. in Ft. Collins, Colorado gleefully informed me of the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. That's not the name the abysmally asinine Aggie called the martyr, of course. The epithet is a vile one I'll never forget; it made me more conscious than ever before how much I was a foreigner in the land of my birth. Another such downer marked my 56th birthday, but I didn't learn of it until Casey Sheehan's mother began publishing his story and it came to me via I'll post the mother's story of her first born's martyrdom in Iraq in the near future on this blog.
Today's historical significance involves the first prom date of our 'ichiban & only'--we procured his tuxedo earlier and will leave in a couple hours to pick up the flowers & meet up with his girl at the Ilikai Hotel in Waikiki. We get to meet the parents as well. I'm sure John dreads some Ben Stiller stunt on my part. He calls me the 'loose cannon.'
Note: I got an email from Jon Gordon at Minnesota Public Radio. His production is Future Tense, as you will recall--the web address for his cool website is .


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