Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Governor Ben

I just heard on Public Radio that our illustrious former governor is coming out with a memoir titled: FROM STREET KID TO GOVERNOR. Obviously it's intended to be the impetus for an upcoming race for national office. Sen. Inouye or Akaka (or both) will step down in the not too distant future, and Neil Abercrombie (and Ed Case?) will battle it out for the seat. Perhaps Ben will join the fray, or content himself with taking over Neil's seat and teaming up with Mazie again as they did so successfully for 8 years. I plan to be in the audience at a public venue for a reading Ben is going to be giving from the tome next week. I can't wait to read Ben's stuff; there's sure to be a lot of juicy gossip alluded to, if not disclosed outright. For anything really juicy one would have to visit Ben's former "first lady", Lorraine, I suppose. I wonder if there will be any mention of Roddie!! Stay tuned.


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