Thursday, May 03, 2007


What a fantastic breath of fresh air Stephen Colbert sent our way tonight with his interview of former Alaska Senator Mike Gravel. The voters up there must be truly schizophrenic to have elected two polar opposites like the mercurial Gravel (pronounced like a frenchie: "grah-velle") and the terminally curmudgeonly Ted Stephens. Stand aside Barak Obama-- I want a vice-presidential running mate for Hillary who has the balls to stand up and say the reason the Spartans were such kick ass warriors was that they were homosexual, and they fought to protect the guys who shared their foxholes. One answer to the debate about the effect on military morale of allowing gays to serve their country might be to create an all gay boot camp, and all gay job classifications. In fact, why not create an "all queer" unit to fight in Baghdad like the "all Jap" unit that nearly single-handedly conquered the Italian peninsula, became the most decorated unit in the history of the U.S. Army, and in the process proved once and for all the patriotism and loyalty of all Japanese Americans.


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