Monday, December 08, 2008

This is how I described the blog until I changed settings today. This blurb is preserved for "historical" purposes.
In 2006 Mike Salling considered becoming a candidate for the congressional seat vacated by Ed Case. Mike sought a platform for his belief that a Hawaii Constitutional Convention should be held in 2010 for the purpose of (1) enacting universal health care in Hawaii, and (2) establishing the right to a dignified death. The campaign was stillborn, primarily because Mike's services were deemed better directed to support Senator Akaka in his race.

A new interest that I have is "people who are interested in noetic science" (particularly some new friends in the U of H community.) Yes, I'm interested in n.s. too, but not nearly so much as I will be in the future, I'm sure.

I've also started using my Facebook Page for the first time since I created it back in 2005, as I recall. I'm now recently in touch with some old friends who over the years have left markings on the wall for me (in vain until now.) This has been a real blessing. I'm making a slow come-back from a long winter of discontent (to put it mildly) and contact with friends is much needed.

Preparing for an upcoming IONS meeting - which will be Winter Solstice (not Christmas) themed - I was fortunate to find some easy to understand information about "Sunrise and Sunset in Hawaii" that some may find as interesting as I do. It's in a Word.doc format which unfortunately I can't figure out how to upload here. So, email me at and I'll send you a copy. A dear and much valued friend made it available to me for public consumption. He's a retired UH prof. whose field is Geology, but if I've ever met a true Renaissance Man, it's Will.

a hui hou,
Mike in Honolulu


Anonymous Anonymous said...

... going in the direction of 'real time blogging' about my daily life ...

Five days ... real time ... are you still alive?

8:01 PM  
Blogger kokuaguy said...

Been busy, my Anonymous friend. Lucky I get an email when there's a post/comment here. Did you find my blog on my Facebook page? Do you have a FB page? It's 8:39 pm in Honolulu and your post says 8:01 pm. If you'd put a comment of FB I'd have received an email too. I'm working on getting a job and working my way out of poverty. It's hard for an old fart like me in Honolulu, but I guess it's the same everywhere. The good part is: "Old Lawyers never die -- they just lose their appeal."
Check back here at the end of next week. Either I'll have news about my new job, or an interesting post about "Same-Sex marriage in Hawaii."

10:44 PM  

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