Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Birthday coincidences

The significance of my birthday was altered forever for me on April 4th 1969, when Martin Luther King was asassinated. (His killer's name was James Earl Ray--my double cousin is named James and my middle name is Ray.) And another coincidence involving birthdates and numbers is the fact that my only child's birthday is the same as my only brother's. My in-law's home telephone number combines the years of my birth and high school graduation: 48/66.My brother's first phone number in Hawaii was xxx-1971 (I was married in 1971.) Then there's the date of my father's death in a freak highway accident on September 7, 1995, nine months after Mom died. Dennis was recently remarried to Betty, and was on still on thier "honeymoon." But it was on Joyce and Dennis's 49th wedding anniversary that he was "called home." Another coincidence that gave me pause at the time occurred on Friday 13th, 1989, when the jury verdict came back against my clients in the longest and most important trial I'd ever conducted in my law practice on the Island of Kaua`i--the jury gave us the "bird" and let a trigger happy cop off the hook on that unlucky day.
Therefore, it's not at all surprising to me that yet another American mother, Cindy Sheehan, lost a son in Iraq on my 56th birthday.
Here's Casey's story:


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What happened?

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Post your interesting coincidences if you care to.

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