Tuesday, July 25, 2006

News Flash

Michael R. Salling, potential candidate for Hawai`i's Second Congressional District Seat (the one Ed Case got tired of) released to following statement on Tuesday, July 25th to the public media:

Despite the overwhelming and humbling enthusiasm of my supporters and the members of my campaign organization, I have reluctantly decided to withdraw my name from consideration as a candidate for elective office. Professional commitments and the desire to spend more time with my family, despite their perennial popularity as matters of deep concern for office holders and office seekers such as myself, definitely have had nothing to do with my reconsideration. Nor, despite persistent rumors to the contrary, has the likelihood that intense scrutiny by the news media would unearth past indiscretions and/or embarrassments in any way been a motivating factor in coming to this decision. Additionally, it should not be supposed that a dearth of financial resources would make a political career inaccessible; only an abiding reluctance to spend money of my own has proved to be relevant to the calculation which now dictates the prevention of an ill-conceived candidacy that could ultimately end in being aborted.

Rather, it has been the lack of any indication that such scrutiny would result from my candidacy that has been disheartening, since admittedly my action in taking out nomination papers two months ago was motivated largely by a desire for the warming glow of the public limelight. The primary motivating factor for my inaugural foray into Hawai`i's political arena was that it provided an opportunity to publicize the upcoming vote on the Constitutional Convention ballot question; having learned recently that the appearance of this ballot question has been scheduled for 2010 rather than 2008 has opened up other, previously unconsidered opportunities for publicizing and educating the electorate about this unique and important democratic (small "d") process in Hawai`i.

I extend my warmest gratitude to those who have been influential in the process that has resulted in my actions over the past 60 days: those nearest and dearest to me. May all who have been involved in my campaign heretofore join together with Democrats throughout Hawai'i Nei in pledging their energetic and enthusiastic support to the victor in the primary election this September.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can we get more updates here, please?

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is anyone home? Lights are on, though.

8:18 PM  
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