Friday, May 18, 2007

Victor Davis Hansen

I just sent the following letter to the Honolulu Advertiser editors, responding to another of the screeds of the master of tortured (and tortuous) logic, part time raisin farmer, and darling of neo-cons and war mongers everywhere, Victor Davis Hansen. None of my prior letters complaining about Hansen's loopy diatribes has been deemed worthy of editorial favor, so I've taken a different approach (see below). The column published on May 17th in "Hawaii's newspaper" is little more than one of Hansen's periodic attempts to shore up his reputation as a "classicist", while bashing the usual liberal suspects -- Al Gore, George Soros, celebrity environmentalists -- for variety he adds a predictable hypocrite's kick at the beaten dog which shock jock Don Imus has recently become.
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Since your editors seem strangely wedded to neo-con apologist, Democrat basher Victor Davis Hansen, and loath to publish rebuttals to his screeds from readers, perhaps I will be permitted to point out some common ground that even such a consummate spin artist as Hansen is forced to acknowledge: (1) "by all means" celebrities and environmental activists like al Gore should continue their "well meaning" efforts to save the planet; (2) those guilty of conspicuous consumption who cannot and will not give up huge houses and illiberal energy use are "offenders" guilty of "environmental sins"; and (3) Don Imus was "serially warned" that he would face severe consequences if he crossed the line with his foul, racist trash talk.
Thank you Mr. Hansen, for small favors. And thank you Advertiser editors, for these editorial crumbs.


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