Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Case v. Akaka

Here's the text of a letter I sent to with a similar copy going to Honolulu Star Bulletin. It was my friends at the Honolulu Advertiser who decided to publish it in a slightly different form.
Here's the link to the online version from the Friday, April 28, 2006 edition:


Aloha Editors:

A local Honolulu columnist pretends he can't believe that TIME's biggest shareholder, Steve Case, had a role in TIME's April 24 story helping Case's first cousin by calling opponent Senator Daniel Akaka one of the 5 worst U.S. senators. I can't believe that there's anything else which explains this "timely" and shockingly subjective decision to include Akaka (one of the most beloved figures in the U.S. Senate) with a crop ofAbramhoff lackeys, immigrant bashers, dullards, and lame ducks like Bunning, Dayton, Allard, and Burns. On the same page that Akaka is branded parochial because he stays focused on the work of powerful Senate money committees, allowing Senior Senator Inouye the limelight, Sen. Kyl of Arizona is lauded for staying hidden in shadows and mastering the art of "subterfuge." And why was Sen. Akaka not given a chance to talk about funding he has provided for military bases (like Maine's Snow) or the bills for oppressed Native Hawaiians that he helped "get passed." Sen. Akaka succeeded in getting Congress and the President to apologize to the Native Hawaiian people for egregious colonial exploitation by the U.S. He has a far better chance of returning a measure of sovereignty to a native Hawaiian "nation within a nation" than Ed Case and his billionaire cousin would ever have ( if they wanted to.) That is the kind of legacy any U.S. Senator can and should be proud of, and which few will ever match.


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Last night on PBS I saw Arizona's KYL, one of TIME's 10 best senators, vouching for the Bush Administration's bona fides regarding the NSA telephone number databank scandal. It will be interesting to see if the Neo-CONs go after USA today for revealing that program as ferociously as they are pursuing the N.Y. Times, Washingon Post, and the leakers of the NSA overseas wiretapping program and the CIA "secret prisons" stories.

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