Monday, February 12, 2007

To my classes

Your final big assignment for the course (regardless of the class you are taking from me at this time) is to create a blog about your "research topic." The blog will contain a section about your argumentative "thesis statement", and that is the assignment you should be working on now. If you are in one of my classes at PHNSY, you will be doing a work related project, possibly with the global warming theme discussed in class. For those involved in a group project, you may be on the "what can be done at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard to address the coming global climate crisis?" Individuals can of course pursue the theme as it pertains to their personal lives--your instructor for example has changed out all lightbulbs in his home as recommended in Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth." Also for PHNSY, your deadline for turning in by email the "work related process essay is Monday, February 26, 2007.
To be continued.


A week age I paid $10.00 for the last of the blue t-shirts with the word 'eligible' printed on the fr0nt in bold white lettering which all the workers at my credit union, from the executive lunchroom to the teller windows, have been wearing recently. I've not worn it, but I'm using it prominently as a throw in my apartment at Honolulu Tower; however, I woke up this morning realizing I don't look forward to wearing it any time soon. If I actually were 'eligible' in the way I think about when I think of wearing the blue advertizement, I certainly wouldn't need it to spread the word. I've done an adequate job over the past 7 years of making it clear to all and sundry that my marriage was not a conventional one, and those who are aware of the passing in December of my significant other (as distinguished from my spouse)-- the wind beneath my wings as I keep repeating--must at least be mildly curious, if not actively interested, about what turns the path of my life's journey will now take. None could be more curious than I, but as the days pass I'm more and more convinced my hope is for a turning, as it were, and my intention is to aim in a direction 180 degrees from where it must seem I've been headed, in the view at least of all but the most informed and expert observers, those closest to me, with whom I compulsively share my "intentions" , in eruptive stream of conscious fashion, to the extent that I recognize them as such.
(To be continued.)

Friday, February 09, 2007

Impeach "Attorney General" Alberto Gonzalez

The consensus among knowledgable, informed critics and opponents of the Bush Adminsitration is that the leadership of Congress is correct in taking the impeachment of the president "off the table" at this time. The Republican attack / dirty tricks machine is clearly ready to spring into action at the first hint of such aggressive action against Bush. The back-fired attempt to smear Speaker Pelosi as the orginator of a request for "military transport" to her home constituency is clear proof, for those who need any. (See link)

Though lawyers I know are unaware if it, the constitution provides for impeachment of legislators, judges, and other federal officials, where they are guilty of "high crimes and misdemeanors." Clearly a case can be made that the Democrat controlled House of Representatives should begin impeachment hearings for Bush's henchmen such as Alberto Gonzales sooner rather than later. His latest testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee in support of a law that strips federal courts of the right to hear cases of prisoners imprisoned indefinitely at Guantanamo provides another stark example of his lack of regard for the Constitition of the United States.

Chief among the crimes of the AG of course are his approval of torture in clear violation of U.S. treaty obligations under the Geneva Conventions, and violations of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act [ FISA] requirements for domestic wiretapping and eavesdropping on the private telephone conversations of American citizens. Perhaps more shocking, however, is his eagerness to look for ways to put his own gloss on hallowed rights protected by the Constitution, such as freedom from unlawful arrest without due cause, and arbitrary imprisonment. These abuses were common in the days when our founders fought for their independence from the King of England, and that is why our constitution provides that the right of "habeas corpus shall not be suspended... unless in cases of invasion or rebellion the public safety shall require it." Yet, Gonzales feels it important to make the claim that "there is no express grant of habeas in the constitution."

Right, Al. Likewise there are no express grants of "life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness." So is it possible that our founders considered the right of habeas corpus, recognized as it has been in the English Common Law since as early as the Magna Carta, to be "inalienable" and "self-evident", as is the 'truth' that all of us are created "equal" ?

As benign as this man's personal appearance and mild mannered demeanor make him seem, this is a dangerous individual. And the truth is that our president and vice-president have surrounded themselves with such types. None should doubt that they lie awake nights plotting strategies to help them escape the sanctions and public opprobrium that should be heaped on their heads during the two score months in which they will continue to hold the reins of government. Thus 'eternal vigilance' is the price that must be paid by those of us who want to see them bear the punishment which they have so richly earned . Let impeachment begin with this venal, despicable excuse for a chief law enforcement officer of the nation. None of the Bush gang deserve to be brought down more than Alberto Gonzalez, the sooner the better.