Friday, January 25, 2008

Debra Dickerson

Well, it's about time I discovered the website. Thank you Stephen Colbert-- I just offered the stuff below as a comment on a hilarous post about BILL's MLK DREAM on the Mother Jones blog of Steven's 'sexy new black friend. Debra Dickerson is HOT!!!
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Aloha from Honolulu, Debra,

I'm embarrassed to admit it took Stephen Colbert to introduce me to you, your work, and your delightful, wicked mind and musings. (Actually, I'm not ashamed. What better way to meet a sleek, left of center pundit featured on a website I'm TRULY embarrassed not to have discovered long ago. I've BOOKMARKED it now, and it to used to replace the Huffington Post, which I find to be increasingly biased and boring. And I'm proud to say that Stephen and Jon Stewart are among my idols; they've introduced this 60 year old "boomer" to a universe of mirth and enlightenment since I began watching, at first with my teenager, now a second year student at NYU. I actually enjoy their shows better without the writers-- they're forced to find more fascinating guests. Where else could one meet a Harvard law professor crusading for poker, and Stephen's sexiest new "black friend"?)

Anyway, like Stephen, I'm adding "sphincter like" to my vocabulary. I forgive Bill Clinton, however, as I have for nearly everything he's ever done that needed forgiving, with the exception of that calculated trip back to Little Rock to preside over a capital punishment photo-op. I'm sure it helped inspire GWB's proud legacy of state sanctioned homicide leading up to his coronation after losing the 2000 election. As for the Sistah Soljah moment, I have to check out the details; I know I should remember them. I'll take your word for it that it was beyond the pale.

I certainly agree that Bill needs folks like you to chastise him when he behaves like an intestinal endpoint. But if he's decided that his conscience can live with a strategy that helps deflect the inevitable anti-Obama backlash in Hillary's direction, rather than toward pretty boy John, I can forgive him. After all, when do the Obama crowd -- my offspring is among the most fervent Barak Believers -- or anyone else other than Stewart and Colbert point out the vicious bias against Senator Clinton, her gender, her vocabulary, her political savvy, her intelligence, and any other attribute that can be used to humiliate her? Ann Coulter and her ilk don't need to worry about piling on Hillary because the media whores are doing such a fabulous job of it.

I have another confession to make (I may make this a habit -- I get a kick out of doing it on your blog); shortly after dozing off a night or two ago I woke up giggling at the thought that Bill must at some point have made a deliberate decision to allow the media to disseminate such a quintessential passive / aggressive editorial comment on the windy oratory of MLK III. Imagine how many potential red state votes for the Democrat ticket in November may have been won in the process of a "gaffe" even the Clinton haters can identify with. (I bet MLK III even got a chuckle out of it--he may not be so quick to forgive your labeling him a wannabe, however.)

Well, that's enough for now. I'm gonna paste this on my blog and get ready for bed -- after watching the Colbert Report for the second time tonight. I hope this sparks a few more comments on your "Art of Napping" blog post. As for Matthew Tiffany, he sounds like a ringlike muscle that normally maintains constriction of a body passage or orifice and that relaxes as required by normal physiological functioning.

Check out DEBRA's blog for MATTHEW TIFFANY.