Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ho'opunipuni & Ho'omalimali

A political perfect storm is blowing our way, and in 3 weeks Republican hypocrites and manipulators like our 43rd president, presidential wannabe Senator Bill Frist, and the accidental House Speaker “Denny” Hastert, will see their curtains of smoke swept aside, their mirrored halls and walls crashing down, and their gilded seats of power and corruption overturned.
A great, sleeping American electorate is about to rise, urged on by insiders who shared authority with these culprits and their minions, most notably the “Mayberry Machiavelli”, Karl Rove himself. Well meaning Evangelical Christians, brought to Washington by the Bush administration when it established the “Office of Faith Based and Community Initiatives”, are “outing” the political strategy of using such programs to surreptitiously fund House and Senate races around the country, insuring Republican control of Congress, and resulting in the ouster of Democrat leaders such as South Dakota Senator and Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschele. Clearly the money directed to South Dakota evangelicals in 2002 & 2004 was used later to help pass the the nation’s most draconian anti-abortion laws, containing no exceptions for rape, incest, or pregnancies threatening the health of the mother, and making criminals of doctors who assist women patients in such situations.

You can fool all the people some of the time, and Bush’s cabal clearly did in 2002 and 2003 when a large majority supported its invasion of Iraq, an act of “pre-emptive” aggression that Kofi Annan called a violation of international law. Suddenly however, even those who had the most to gain from getting in bed with the likes of Bush, Cheney, and Rove are throwing back the covers. The first two men to be appointed to head the faith based initiatives office have now corroborated each other’s views that they and evangelicals like them were clearly being used, and used cynically, for partisan political purposes. David Kuo, who headed the office from 2002 to 2003, does so in his new book: "Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction." The first director of the office who left in 2002 made similar statements, although he later apologized for being “rude.” If you don’t have time to read the book (I plan to) don’t miss the story by Jennifer Loven on page B3 in today’s Honolulu Advertiser (Religion section.) This should be the final nail in the coffin of the Republican congressional leadership; as the great Rove himself has said, all it takes is for the “red state” moral majority voters to stay home on election day, and I’m sure many are scratching their heads right now wondering what possible reason they have to go to the polls on November 8th.

Election time flag waving and beating the “war on drugs” drums by Hawaii elected officials such as Lt. Governor Aiona and conservative Democrat Senator Norman Sakamoto should be seen for what it is: a frantic effort to divert attention from their parts in supporting the deceitful policies of our warmonger in chief—political ho'opunipuni and ho'omalimali (aka shibai) in its purest form. Sakamoto says we need random drug testing of all DOE employees because “at all levels of society drug use is a problem, and we can’t step back.” According to that “logic”, state senators should be the first to step up to the cup, along with DOE employee Shawn Lathrop, who said on the Advertiser’s opinion page today that “coherency” should be the test of fitness of all teachers and workers in the public education system, and that drug testing is the way to insure this. Next Sakamoto and Lathrop will want our librarians to be tested, and why not the members of the Board of Education? However, lie detector tests and opinion polls might tell us more about how “coherent” an individual is, than testing to make sure a recreational joint wasn’t shared on that fishing trip last month, or in bed with one’s significant other the night before. Why not require drug tests and polygraphs for those who want driver’s licenses? Why should any of us who have “nothing to hide” worry about losing our privacy rights and freedom of association? And what about second hand smoke? And what about the political enemy who serves brownies or spaghetti sauce with a hidden "oregano" substitute?

Frankly, if Lathrop is entitled to know whether I’m “coherent”, shouldn’t I be entitled to know that he is not teaching our keiki that Adam and Eve rode to Sunday church services on dinosaurs? How can I be sure my child isn’t learning that Jesus hates condoms and wants the human species to continue reproducing itself to extinction, taking most other species on the planet with it? I suggest that teacher Lathrop and Senator Sakamoto look up the definition of the word “coherent”. Perhaps each of them should be taking a few tests of their own.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Carlyle Group

The worst part about yesterday was forgetting it was Wed. and missing a PBS presentation I'd been looking forward to for weeks: BILL MOYER's "Is God Green?" Missing choir practice was the second worst... I truly thought it was Tuesday. I'm not sure at what point I completely lost my grip on reality; probably sometime around 6:00 pm when I should have been relaxing over dinner.
By this morning I was still delusional, and debated with Bea far longer than should have been necessary before she convinced me that today is indeed Thursday, and we do indeed have a commitment to deliver her brother and his girlfriend to HNL Intl. at noon. That means I'll be late for my lunch meeting with HPU colleagues, but I'm sure they'll save my sandwich for me.

Here's the blog entry I promised Randall at HawnTel (they go by first names there) an hour ago when he called to get to the bottom of my complaints about his colleagues and his overlords.


To: Fellow Blogger Terrance--
From: Mish
Time: 1:00 am 12 October 2006

Re: How's this for a blog entry?

In the past 24 hours I've had a near death experience (terminal indigestion) after single-handedly consuming half a Costo chicken (skin included) and at least 8 oz. of chocolate covered baklava (not to mention the pint of diet coke & greens); in additon, my car was towed on Nuuanu Ave. this morning, and I spent the next 12 hours in a nightmarish tech-support netherworld being bounced back and forth like an exer-ball at a fitness club for deranged speed addicts, between Satan's minions (Carlyle Group's phone co.) and an odious purveyer of wireless internet routers with a name onomatapoeticlally similar to the sound I've been making all day, and the sound I wanted to make over the toilet all the night before, but never succeeded in doing.

Now the desktop computer monitor I've been in front of all day inexplicabley displays only that dreaded 4 word error message on its starkly vacant screen, black as the soul of the tech support demon who hung up on me this afternoon after I'd waited in the f----- "queue" for at least 15 minutes (for the 3rd or 4th time.)

Is there a silver lining? Yes, this is America after all, isn't it--the land of the free, not to mention the empowered and the entitled? And I am as as stubborn and neurotic as most underemployed Irish seniors in America today (picture Jack Nicholson in The Departed) hoping against hope that each crisis is more of a midlife, rather than an "end of life", phenomenon.

The good news? This message is being sent to you via our new (secured) wireless network (Belken_510). I did it all by myself (OK - Bea helped.)

May I have an audience tomorrow antime at your convenience?

PS (10:00 a.m.)

Bea also fixed the Compaq--something about the F1 key.

"Knowledge is happiness. [It is knowing]
the great heart-throbs of humanity
through the centuries; and if one does
not feel in these pulsations a
heavenward striving, one must indeed be
deaf to the harmonies of life."
- Helen Keller -