Friday, June 08, 2007

Capital Punishment

When are Americans going to figure out that the sooner they abolish capital punishment, the less often their TV screens will be filled with the faces of depraved human excrement like the alleged killer of the Kansas City teenager who disappeared from the parking lot of the local Target store last weekend after being sent there on an errand by her parents. If our legal system didn’t contain the option of “offing” a killer, drug seller, rapist, etc., trials would usually be unnecessary, as in Canada, where the death penalty has been abolished and the murder rate per capita is about 1/3 of that in the U.S. An accused killer’s choice could be to go to trial and risk a sentence of a series of consecutive life terms without possibility of parole, or cop a plea and receive a 99 year sentence with the possibility of parole. Parole for those like Charles Manson, serial killers etc. would be very rare; rapists might be more likely to be let out. By allowing their testicles to be removed and submitting to lobotomies, their chances of parole could be improved considerably, no doubt.


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