Wednesday, May 10, 2006


The campaign for 2nd District Congress seat is picking up steam. Wherever I go these days it's more and more likely that I'm speaking to someone who knows about my decision to run. In addition, I'm increasingly likely to be willing to share the big news with those whom I encounter at random; for example, Nancy Hedlund wished me well today when she came into the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) at HPU looking for Mike Dabney and I asked what congressional district she lives in. It's not my district but I got the feeling that Nancy would vouch for me if ever called on to do so. What an ego booster that was! I had lunch with another HPU colleague (a Political Science instructor) who said the following: "I'm proud of you Mike, and I congratulate you for making the effort. I support your candidacy 100%." This is a person who has worked for U.S. senators and presidents, whom I have not known long but have been very open with regarding my past personal and professional experiences.
So... please do as the prior post asks and give me your thoughts. They will be taken into consideration.
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