Friday, June 08, 2007

Jerry Falwell's Best Friend

George Bush's vow to veto the latest stem cell bill is an obvious attempt to mend fences with his base, the fundamentalist Christian wing of the Republican party. Many are hopping mad about his refusal to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. They figure that the sooner Iran's President, Mahmoud Ahmed "mini-jihad", tries to make good on his idea of wiping Israel off the map, the sooner Israel retaliates with its estimated 200 nuclear weapons (which it denies having) and then Jesus comes a second time and raptures them all to glory land. Of couse the rest of us will be left here to rot for 1000 years before we're all sent to Hell to burn in damnation for eternity. The Jews who don't accept Jesus as their personal savior will of course suffer the same fate. God works in strange and wondrous ways, and those who pray for another holocaust at the earliest possible time are unshakable in their faith in the Lord's everlasting mercy and goodness.


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