Monday, May 29, 2006

Adoption rights

I recently sent the following reply to a student who claimed to have been taught in a college class that the homes of homosexual couples are "disfunctional"--she justified her opposition to "gay adoption" on that basis. Here's my comment:

A recent PBS program (Frontline?) looked at a same gender couple in Florida who were allowed by state law to provide foster care for a very unfortunate young girl. The girl thrived to the extent that it convinced social workers to place an older sister with the homosexual couple. Because adoption by gay individuals is forbidden in Florida (not to mention marriage or civil unions) the couple were forced to go to court to try to convince a judge to grant them permanent custody in order to decrease the likelihood of some intervenor trying to take away their foster "daughters" based solely on the couple's sexual orientation. Finally they were successful after much time and expenditure of money. From the PBS coverage, the family's home environment seemed far from disfunctional and the girls obviously loved "Dad" and "Daddy" very much. The courts and social welfare agencies found a way around a Florida policy that other states have rejected. Since the days when Anita Bryant led a crusade to stop Florida communities from passing laws to prohibit discrimination against gays, Florida has been one of the hard line states when it comes to these kinds of issues. It's one of the reasons I'm proud to live in the Aloha State, and would never consider living in Florida longer than it took to establish voting rights in a presidential election year.


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