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The two voters with whom I've discussed my Congress race most recently have both been Republicans ( one a strong supporter of the President AND his war.) I felt very comfortable talking about my views, though I was pretty certain that the more I said the less likely I was to win their support. I pray to God that this will continue to be my course of action--perhaps one or two Republicans will end up voting for me simply because I had the honesty to defend my views in plain terms. The woman with whom I spoke today is an executive administrator, well educated, and somone with whom I have much in common. Yet we also have profound disagreements.

Asked to outline my platform, I spoke about the 3 main issues I'd listed in my talk to the Maui and Big Island Democrat delegates at the Democratic Convention last weekend. First I listed the necessity of bringing the Iraq debacle to an end, "with or without honor." Of course this phrase will shock and offend some who hear me say it, but we must not make the mistake the country made during the Vietnam era, when it elected the Republican Richard Nixon, who claimed to have a "secret plan" to end the war. Seeking to end the war "with honor", Nixon and Henry Kissenger widened it by expanding the bombing to Laos and Cambodia, overthrowing neutral King Sihanouk in the process, and setting the stage for Pol Pot's genocide in the years after the ignominious withdrawal of the U.S. from Saigon. During those four years of futile searching for "peace with honor" another 25,000 American soldiers died, along with hundreds of thousands of Southeast Asians. President Bush claims that the U.S. will "stand down" when the Iraqi forces and police "stand up." In the meantime gigantic military bases are being built all over Iraq, and a U.S. embassy is going up in Baghdad that will be the world's largest, bigger than Vatican City. This is an indication that the mayhem will still be going on when a Democrat Congress is elected this fall, and it will be up to the new Congress to set a deadline for withdrawal. So be it. I welcome the opprotunity to participate in that process. "Bring it on."

The second major issue I'm talking about is the frightening danger of global warming. I'll be adding a link here to a recent article in the Honolulu Advertiser by a scholar at the Brookings Institution who in the past has been skeptical about the scientific evidence of the thawing of the polar regions and the fundamental changes in the ocean currents that have warmed Europe and North America for thousands of years. He is skeptical no longer. The article methodically lists the scientific experts and public entities that are now making nearly unanimous and identical statements warning of a dark and violent future due to climate change. The list includes organizations which advise President Bush directly. Even the President's newly nominated Secretary of the Treasury is a believer in the need to make fundamental changes to lessen the threat. For the people of Hawaii, and Pacific Island peoples in general, the threat could not be more serious. One of the reasons I have entered this political contest is because I want any grandchildren I may have, and all those who come after our generation of "boomers", to know that not everyone sat behind the wheel of a Hummer or Escalade listening to Rush Limbaugh while their future was being destroyed. Well known Christian Evangelicals are joining the call for sanity when it comes to protecting the Earth's environment. None of us can afford to do less.

Finally, I believe that I have the ability as a communicator to be effective in moving the U.S. House of Representatives to support passage of a companion to Senator Daniel Akaka's legislation for Native Hawaiians. The "Akaka Bill", though far from perfect in its present form, will begin the process of restoring a measure of "nation within a nation" sovereignty to an entity made up of Native Hawaiian people, the decendents of those who were wronged by the illegal overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaii, and to whom the Congress and the President offically apologized in great detail and with admirable frankness in 1993. The federal courts are threating the Kamehameha Schools and the Hawaiian Homelands program--who can doubt that by doing so our treasured Aloha Spirit will be destroyed forever?

I believe that Senator Inouye and Senator Akaka can get the bill through the U.S. Senate in the next session of Congress, and Hawaii's delegation in the House must be ready to do its part when the time comes. I am fully prepared to meet that challenge, and highly qualified to do so.



Blogger immisha said...

I may have to add a fourth issue to my list of "the big three." From the way this scandal is described by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in his ROLLING STONE article pubished today, the issue should go right at the top. Check it out at the link below.

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Anonymous Big Bradda said...

Actually, the Rolling Stone web address may not be good for very long. Kennedy's op ed piece should be easy to find at the URL below:

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