Saturday, September 01, 2007

the big apple

Aloha all,
Boy have I been busy. Haven't been hanging out with my LDS freinds lately-- I hope they haven't given up on me. Instead, I'm really tight with a number of the denizens of Fort St. Mall. Getting away from them was a big reason why I was eager to get away to New York City ( in addition to spending time with my son and my friends Jerry, Amy, and Lidia Wang ; the evening I spent worshipping at the feet of Vanessa Redgrave--literally, in the front row Center at the Booth Theater; and the chance to enjoy a lovely apartment in Chelsea near NYU on W. 24th St. and 9th Ave.)
More about this later.
Here is a photo of Jerry at Crystal Windows Co. in Flushing N.Y.)
a hui hou
Mike / Misha


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