Thursday, September 20, 2007


Halleluhjah -- Dan will get his revenge after all, thanks to the lawsuit filed Wednesday against CBS, the CEO of CBS, Les Moonvies, CBS parent VIACOM, and the Chairman of the parent company, Sumner Redstone himself. Revenge is sweet, as we know, but for Democrats expecially, Dan's revenge will be SWEEEEEET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At last the truth will be told about George W. Bush's 2004 escape from a major scandal over his draft avoiding in the 1960s & 70s, and his status as a "deserter"--(AWOL from the Texas Air Guard.) Given the pace at which such litigation proceeds through the courts, by November 2008 the voters should at last have heard ,and fairly recently, the real story of the fratboy / future Commander in Chief whose Daddy's connections got him a coveted National Guard position when Average Joes were being drafted and shipped out by the millions to serve as cannon fodder for LBJ and Nixon. Even with that, the frathouse flyboy couldn't play by the rules. His Daddy got him transferred from Texas to Alabama to work on the election campaign of a racist Republican. Dubya's service in the Alabama Guard was practically nonexistent, according to official records.
Of course this story could have cost Bush his re-election in 2004, so it was essential for Karl Rove and his minions to do the following: (1)destroy John Kerry's reputation as a Vietnam warrior by waging a smear type campaign now known infamously as "Swiftboating"; and (2) find a way to blunt anticipated attacks on Bush's record as a draft dodger and "deserter." This was accomplished through the "Swiftboater's" slander, along with the huge smokescreen that emerged after Dan Rather's "60 Minutes" producers at CBS were duped into using apparently fraudulent documents linking Air Guard higher-ups to special treatment for the fratboy with the powerful Daddy. But where did those doctored letters come from? How could professionals like Rather and the "60 Minutes" team fall for such a hoax? Could these documents, like those that set the 2003 Iraq invasion, have been forged by insiders? Could Rove and the Bush re-election team have secretly leaked them for the purpose of "preemptively" discrediting CBS, Dan Rather, and critics of Bush's "military service", or lack thereof, by creating a smoke screen big enough to obscure an ignominious Vietnam "war record?" If so, the scheme worked like a charm.

These tactics are becoming so common that they are increasingly less likely to fool even average voters (the majority of whom in 2004 supposedly voted for the bumbling, discredited administration that launched an illegal "preemptive" war over non-existent weapons of mass destruction.) The story was far different in 2006, and unless Republicans succeed in vote stealing on a massive scale in 2008 (click on link below), a Democrat President and Democrat control of Congress by wide margins seems inevitable. Rabid right-wing attacks on and war hero / congressional representative Jack Murtha are the latest examples of attempts to use blitzkrieg media campaigns to divert attention from Bush administrations outrages.
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